Forest Of Dreams Shoulder Cape
Forest Of Dreams Shoulder Cape

Forest Of Dreams Shoulder Cape

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Shoulder capes? Cape Sleeves? Wings? Whatever you want to call these guys, we love them! The perfect way to add to your festival outfit without covering up whats underneath!


• Made with light Forest of dreams crepe de chine and strips of iridescent/sheer pale pink sequin fabric

• Purple cotton cord ties at the front of the neck and drapes round the shoulders

• Open at front and back to show off your whole outfit (and butt!)

• Cord ends decorated with gold caps and silk purple tassels

• Wear with one of our two pieces, catsuits or playsuits.


*Pre-order - please allow time to be made. We will contact you with the exact timescale*

T​​he shoulder capes are anti waste! They came into design as a method to use the excess we cut off our pink sequin robes (link). Reusing and recycling plastic that would have otherwise gone to the landfil!

This means that we can only make 1 shoulder cape once we have sold 4 sequin robes - because 1 cape uses 4 robe offcuts! During summer we usually have a lot of offcuts saved up, but at other times of the year you might have to wait a little longer to get this piece until we have enough off cuts to make it

Forest Of Dreams Shoulder Cape