Mitosis Small Scarf Face Mask

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By L.O.M


If you need to take a mask with you every time you leave the house, you might as well make it a fabulous one!

We designed these masks because we wanted to create something that protects other people and you, that is easy to wear and looks like part of your outfit whist you wear it.

Using the same fabric from our Lounge wear range that is lightweight, easy to wash and printed by one of the highest quality printers in the UK.

• Available in two sizes, standard and large (Face mask size, scarf is the same size)

• Hand made face shaped mask with centre seam

• Double elastic strap to hold behind head and neck

• Mask made with high quality 100% cotton double layer

• Outer made with lightweight crepe de chine, polyester based provides more protection and is easier to wash

• Pocket to insert a filter (not supplied)

• Reusable, unlike surgical masks.

• Washable at 40 degrees

• Protect your lungs from dust at desert festivals (when all this is over and we can party again!


* We are selling these masks during a virus spread because people want to wear masks during the outbreak, it is good practice to wear a mask in public buildings and on public transport to prevent the spread of the virus to other people.
Medical grade face masks are needed when you are in regular contact with someone with the virus, and should be kept for these people, who need them most.
These masks are not medical grade.
The best way to prevent a virus spreading is to wash your hands regularly, especially after using public transport or being at large gathering, and disinfect objects and surfaces at your home and work place regularly.

For hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns or exchanges on these masks.

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