Floral Beaded Embroidery Patches

Proveedor L.O.M



I created these patches initially with the Lusia bodice in mind, envisioning them as a fun 3D addition to its already design. However, it soon became clear that these patches have the potential to enhance any type of dress or suit, allowing the wearer to personalise their look with ease.

Crafted with meticulous care, each patch begins with a machine embroidery base mounted onto felt. This process ensures that every intricate detail is preserved, maintaining the beauty of the design. Once the base is complete, the patch is adorned with beads and sequins, meticulously applied to highlight the delicate details of the flowers.

Whether you choose to adorn your bodice, dress, or suit with these patches, they are a great addition to so many looks for the whole bridal party not only for the bride and groom,  an alternative to the buttonhole or as a floral connection on the bridesmaids dresses.