(Körpermitose gold jumpsuit)

Our fetish inspired body harness is not just for the club scene, it is the perfect festival accessory, as well as being great for parties and other events where you really want to make an impact. Here are 4 reasons you need one in your life!!!


(Image 1: Körpermitose Party Catsuit, Image 3: Körpermitose Bardot and Hotpants, Image 4: Tribal Tales Bikini Top and Lounge Trousers)


1. It adds so much more to your look, changing a classic look into a stand out outfit. 


 (Image 2: Tribal Tales Oversized Jumpsuit)


2. It can contrast or complement the colours in your outfit for a more rounded look. 


 (Image 1: Vendala Hoped Bra Top, Hot Pants and Robe, Image 3: Körpermitose gold jumpsuit, Image 4: Mitosis Oversized Jumpsuit)


3. It makes you feel sexy, and accentuates all the right things and enhances your confidence!!!


(Image 1: Körpermitose Flares and Halloween Sleeveless Crop Top, Image 2: Vendala Sleeveless Crop Top and Flares, Image 4 Halloween Sleeveless Crop Top)

4. It is multi-functional, - transforming so many outfits and making different statement looks.


August 23, 2021 — Carla Chittenden

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