Customising suits, dresses and other garments is a service we are really excited to be able to offer you. More is more in the world of L.O.M and we aim to decorate!
If you have found a suit or dress you love but want to add your own personal flare to it, and think our style vibes with yours, then we would love to transform your piece for you!
Adding on beadwork and embroidery, fringing and pom poms and other intricate pieces - the possibilities are endless. Drop us a message to discuss your vision!
It’s really helpful if you have seen something that you like, or have an idea of the type of style that you want, so that we can immediately get an idea of your vision and start working with you.

Pricing varies a lot depending on how much detail you want, how long it takes to sew, how difficult it is to source and how much that detailing costs. But drop us a message in our form below, and we can start to break it down for you!