The Brighton Fringe Festival is going ahead this year and kicks off today! And for an extended 6 period of weeks! 

Designer Louise has been living in Brighton for 10 years (on and off between Berlin the last 3!) and we have had our studios in Brighton for 6 years. The city is very much a part of who we are and the festival is an amazing thing for the city.

It is super exciting for us locals, as unfortunately last year it wasn’t able to go ahead and it was really missed. Brighton Fringe brings an awesome bustle and excitement to the city, and this year it really does feel needed! The opening of The Spiegeltent is normally the shining beacon to indicate the start of summer. And although it is starting later this year, it seems that it has opened just in time for the warmer weather to surface. We get to enjoy the spoils of The Spiegeltent, as well as The Warren, The Warren on the Beach and Fringe City for an extended period this year!

Brighton Fringe’s office is next door to us in the same building, we have tents setting up right outside our studio and posters popping up around Brighton we are starting to feel the buzz! Our studio is in touching distance to the Ladyboys of Bangkok stage and The Warren is a stone's throw away so we are so lucky to be in the heart of everything this year! 

The Fringe comes to us from the likes of The Open market, Brighton Open Air Theatre and Jubilee Square, to name just a few venues. The festival runs in parallel to Brighton Festival bringing a higher-brow cultural affair to the city as well. There are a host of different events, comedy shows, drag artists, art expos, theatre, cabaret and more. There is an endless list of things to do and we love it so much as there is something for everyone! 

Here are some of the ones we think L.O.M Lovers will love….

Alife Ordinary

Brighton’s very own award winning Drag Prince Alfie is in no way Ordinary! This high camp low brow drag show is definitely not to be missed. 

Boogaloo stu

This pop-n-cabaret club night is hosted by Dynamite Sal, Boogaloo Stu and Dolly Rocket - bringing an array of cabaret and party pop classics and smut to boot. 


The spectacularly blingy Thai cabaret show is back with its most sassy show ever. Taking you on a non-stop world tour with its diamante-dipped song and dance packed show. 

The Revolver Revue

The Revolver Revue is a dazzling extravaganza of circus, cabaret and burlesque all thrown together to make a melting pot of delights for the senses. 

English Disco Lovers

Returning for the 8th year, this Brighton Fringe institution will be hosting 3 very unsocially distanced parties to celebrate the end of lockdown. Get ready for disco, humour, inclusivity and fundraising in this fun filled party event. 

We are going to be making the most of the festival this year for sure, especially Louise is currently in the UK!! Look out for some of the L.O.M team at some or all of these shows!

May 28, 2021 — Louise O'Mahony

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