Festival season kicked off with a bang this month with the huge double weekender Californian based festival, Coachella.




Louise was in attendance with a Coachella crew that sported the new FOD Part 3 collection, and she spotted lots of L.O.M Lovers in the wild too!

Here is what they wore and how you can recreate these festival lewks!!!

The Dornika Dress

Layered Robe, Layered Chaps, Tassel Necklace & Sparkle Sleeves

Folklorico Cycling Shorts & Sleeveless Crop Top

Korpermitose Mens Leggings and Sequin Robe


The Darwin Robe, Flares, Mega Petrol Chain Necklace



Mesh top

Chain Bra, Mega Purple Tassel Logo Earrings & Pleated Skirt Belt



Folklorico Flares & Hooped Bra Top

Shop the whole new FOD Part 3 Collection Here.
April 26, 2022 — Carla Chittenden

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