Frequent shoppers amongst you might have noticed that some of our most popular products have become unavailable recently on our website.


We ordered our summer lycra back in March, however due to a number of reasons out of our control we have been informed it isn’t going to arrive until Autumn.


Our fabric is made in Italy and then printed in the UK, and due to supply chain issues and Brexit holding up imports we are unable to have our usual high quality material available for summer.


We have been offered alternatives and considered using a different supplier, however this would mean that the quality would not be the same, and the fabric and print would not match the materials we already use - and we know how much you guys love to add matching pieces to your existing L.O.M in your wardrobes!


So, instead of having a blip in the quality of our products, we have decided to forgo replacing our lycra for one season, and wait until Autumn for our premium fabric to be back.


We want to give the biggest L.O.M lovers the chance to buy the remaining pieces we have available if you wanted something for summer.
We have now completely sold out of Femina Magicae, Vendala, Folklorico, Tribal Tales, pink Forest of Dreams and Korpermitöse… you can however still find some of these pieces available in our Ready To Ship page from our studio stock.


There are still a few meters left of all of our orange and green Forest of Dreams prints, but this won’t last long, so if you wanted something for the 2022 festival season, you will need to be quick.



We are more than just a lycra brand, with son many other options available still.


Crepe de chine loungewear, perfect for hot days. 


Hoodies and Joggers 

Perfect for the cooler evenings at festivals and lying on the sofa at home. 

Sleeves and Gloves 

Add something more to your looks with these sleeves and gloves 

Couture Pieces 

We have so many cool pieces in our couture range 


We have so many accessories to add to your existing looks to really make them pop


Lightweight denim style fabric in a jumpsuit, jump dress and extra wide leg dungarees

New Fabrics 

Mycelium, Orange and pink Net and Sparkle net fabric pieces 


Our brand new swimwear range is perfect for beach to festival to party looks 


The perfect cover-up for a not so covered up look 

Rainbow Pride Jumpsuits 

Our limited edition Pride jumpsuits in rainbow colours 


Boiler suits, dungarees and pinafore dresses in our three most popular prints 

We have a few surprises up our sleeves for new mini drops and limited edition pieces, so fear not, L.O.M will still be covering the festival fields this summer!



July 19, 2022 — Carla Chittenden

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