Carla styles her growing bump in some of our most popular L.O.M. items. Showing you can still rock your fav pieces even when you're 6 months pregnant! 

“Maternity clothes are just so boring!!! I love that I can still be colourful and stand out and I feel so much more confident wearing something bright!”

Outfit 1: 

Femina Magicae Pinafore Dress

T-Shirt - H&M


Outfit 2:

Tribal Tales Maxi Dress


Outfit 3:

Körpermitose Sleeveless Crop Top with Hot Pants

Hat - Shop Fluffy

Skirt - Tara Khorzad

Shirt - ASOS

Sliders - Adidas 


Outfit 4:

Mitosis Robe

Dress - Zara


Outfit 5:

Mitosis Oversized Jumpsuit and Headscarf

Bag - Mexican market

Sandals - Birkenstocks


Outfit 6:

Folklorico Cycling Shorts with Off Shoulder Crop Top and Headscarf

Sequin vest - Vintage

Sheer tshirt - ASOS

Trainers - Adidas

Bra - Brighton Lace


Outfit 7:

Vendala Off Shoulder Catsuit

Carla is 5 ft 2 and is wearing a size M in all pieces. 


You can watch full video reel on our Insta Reels.

September 15, 2021 — Carla Chittenden

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