I was introduced to Andrej Russkovskij at the start of summer by one of my wonderful Berlin friends Jake, when we went for a brunch picnic in a park one day (That’s how we do business meetings in Berlin!) We had already been following each other for a while on social media, I really loved his work and the way that he shoots his images.
Andrej asked if he could take my portrait for his #meettheberlinkids series, where he photographs people from all walks of life in Berlin, and accompanies the images with quotes from the subjects about their life, love, passions, and anything that takes their fancy! 
Plan was, I put together a couple of L.O.M, outfits, a casual and an all out one, and we find an appropriate location and make it happen! 
But as with many things in this city, it took a while! Also me flying back to the UK every couple of weeks to work in the studio, and running off to festivals all the time didn’t help!



By August, we finally set a date, and found an awesome location thanks to the help of some other Berlin friends, a motorway under construction in one of Berlin’s districts. I knew this would be a rare opportunity to use this dramatic backdrop, and I also wanted to shoot some of my menswear pieces, so thought it would be perfect to make the most of the time with Andrej and asked him if he would like to shoot some menswear too! 


Luckily my housemate Andrius (no, its not a young Orlando Bloom) was up for modelling for me, and when golden hour hit we headed to the spot. 
Andrej photographs only on analog, which means whilst shooting we have no idea what the images are going to come out like, and there is a limited amount of shots that can be taken too!



LOM Dungarees



Having my picture taken is not one of my favourite things to do! But over the last few years having people take my photo at festivals and parties, and after racking up a serious number of awkward poses and weird faces, I realised, that even if I don’t feel confident on the inside, pretending that I am on the outside gets a much better result!


LOM Louise O'Mahony Shoot


LOM Louise O'Mahony Shoot hair



However, with Andrej I felt super comfortable straight away, and this shoot was actually super easy! Running round the site, climbing on concrete blocks, and having Andrius pull some ridiculous dance moves in the background to help get some natural smiles, helped make it super fun and not an intimidating experience.  



LOM Shoot construction site


LOM Louise O'Mahony catsuit flower cape


It was great to shoot the menswear in such a great location too - the stark grey backdrop is such a contrast to our bright, bold and busy prints that it really makes the pieces and the colours stand out. People often think that locations with loads of colours and patterns, like graffiti or murals would be great for L.O.M pieces, but they can get lost amongst it, usually the opposite often works best.




LOM dungarees


LOM Shoot dungarees


When I got the pictures back, I had no idea what to expect, but I love them, the light was so perfect, and I love that they are analogue images too. Me and Andrius also got some ace pictures together too, which will always remind us of our time in Berlin living together!


LOM Shoot


LOM Shoot construction




Make sure you check out Andrej’s other work on Instagram and his website, and you can see the rest of the #meettheberlinkids here!

And if you want to find my housemate Andrius' Instagram, its here!

Our outfits are all L.O.M of course! And you can find these pieces here:

Folklorico crop top

September 05, 2018 — Louise O'Mahony

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