Rosie Devine is the latest member to join the L.O.M team, and since she is one of L.O.M’s biggest fans and a style sensation in her own right, we thought who better to feature in our next “Style One Piece” Video!
The piece she chose was our hooped bra top, and styled 6 different looks with it to show you how you really can wear this piece from picnic to party and everything in between!
We asked Rosie what the inspirations behind some of these looks where... You can check out each look and the style video below.

Check out the full video here! 

Hey L.O.M’ers, 
I’m Rosie Devine. I consider myself a full-time fun haver and lover of colour. This time of year I would usually be packing my suitcases full of all my most fabulously flamboyant costumes and setting off for a fun-fuelled season in the fields. 
I work in the events world and my job roles vary. One minute I might be on stage performing as a professional unicorn and the next I’m putting on my ‘serious’ side in a production office, full of industry professionals.
For me, my wardrobe has to represent my slightly bonkers creative self, but also be versatile enough to dress down to fit into an office space.
Due to the current situation, events and festival season is not taking place this year. For me this means I am able to start a wonderful new job, assisting at the L.O.M studio in Brighton. I have been a long time wearer and admirer of the brand, so it’s an absolute dream to see the process and even be part of it, in a small way.


I own over 20 L.O.M pieces and so enjoy finding different ways to dress them up and incorporate colour into the occasion. Last week I did a short style video, showing a few varieties of how I might wear the Köpermitose bra top. I chose the top because the weather is so glorious at the moment and feeling the sun on my skin is keeping me sane, but it’s also nice to remember our smaller ‘Summer’ items can be relished all year round. The top’s gorgeously metallic hue and cheeky design should be shown off at any and every excuse. 

In such uncertain times, let us use that medium for good and take the opportunity to wear whatever the hell we want! Because if not now, then when!

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June 02, 2020 — Louise O'Mahony

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