Mycelium is the network of fungi threads that grow underneath mushrooms, and we found this awesome fabric that we think is a wonderful fabric representation of this magical organism!


The Mycelium fabric is thick, but incredibly lightweight, with a similar feel to scuba fabric, but a much lighter feeling. Ever so slightly transparent, un-creaseable and very durable.

Then collection includes:

• The collar has a purple cord which runs through it, so that you can tighten it and change the flow of the folds too.

• The epic show piece dress has a double collar, pink satin lining and detail on the bodice and is fully boned for structure.

• The awesome drawstring bag is lined with pink satin, and with a purple drawstring cord and pink flocked L.O.M logo heat transferred to the surface.

• Oversized jumper with a standing collar, and featuring a heat transferred pink flocked L.O.M Logo.

• The hat is fully satin lined with a purple perspex L.O.M. Logo on the front 

•  The bodice is lined with pink satin, the bodice is fully boned and edged with pink satin. Large pink bows attach the straps to the bodice through eyelets.

• The garter belt is lined and edged with pink satin, and decorated with a double drop of petrol chain.





Louise wears the garter belt with the sheer cerise pleated skirt, the green Forest of Dreams X halter and matching thong, the small O-ring choker, the dog lead, the double O petrol chain belt and Mycelium collar





Edie wears the garter belt with the sheer cerise pleated skirt, the edie bodice and Mycelium collar





Louise wears the Edie Garter Belt and Bodice, with the The Gill Jacket the Strap Chain Belt & Green Forest of Dreams Flares & tassel earrings





Michelle wears the Mycelium dress it with the dog leadMycelium collar and green lycra gloves




Louise wears the Mycelium jumper with the pink Forest of Dreams flares and Mega purple tassel logo earrings






September 02, 2022 — Carla Chittenden

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