Last April I travelled to LA to go to Coachella and had a great opportunity to work with some awesome creatives out there. Now we have our blog up and running, it is the perfect space to share some of these images with you!
One of my favourites was this underwater shoot with Gervel Sampson.
Sara Watson got in touch with me through Instagram, she was actually a customer of mine for a Burning Man outfit the year before! She is a model and an actress based in LA, and said she often works with an underwater photographer, and they would be interested in doing something with L.O.M whilst I was in town. I jumped at the chance!
Even on the drive there with Sara, I knew this was going to be a great day, we chatted endlessly, and she played a load of tunes that ended up becoming a soundtrack to my summer!
We arrived at Gerbelle's beautiful home, where I met her and and the make up artist, Judith Santiago.
It was a really wonderful group of people, and I felt very privileged to be working with such a great bunch of humans!
Underwater neon playsuit
We shot so many L.O.M looks, and Gerbelle captured the boldness and brightness of my designs, and really worked in the variety of textures and colours, which Lucy's make up complimented perfectly, whilst Sara managed to look effortlessly beautiful whilst holding her breath and trying to stay underwater!
LOM Pom pom crop underwater
Blue two piece LOM underwater
Tribal Tales Fringe Crop top and Hot Pants
Frill playsuit LOM underwater
Vendala LOM two pieces fringe underwater

As most of our pieces are made with lycra, they are actually fine to swim with underwater (not the ones with rainbow pom poms though!) However, stay tuned because we will be launching our own swimwear collection very soon!
Other accessories in the shoot also include:
Fan Headdress: Beksies Boutique
Floral Headdress: Twinks Burnett
Perspex Earrings and Necklace: Doodad and Fandango
April 17, 2018 — Louise O'Mahony


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