Tote Bags

By L.O.M


These mega totes are perfect for shopping, a festival, the beach, a picnic or even just to store all your L.O.M in! 

    • Printed by one of the highest quality printers in the UK, onto 100% Cotton Bull Denim
    • Durable woven straps with reinforced stitching for those who tend to overfill...
    • Zero waste - Designed in exact squares and rectangles so that absolutely no fabric offcuts end up in the bin
    • Larger sizes have depth to them so they can fit even more in!
    • Features a Gold Thread L.O.M logo label
    • Each tote will have a different print position. No two are are same!

Three sizes:

Classic - 13" width x 15" height (flat - no depth)

Medium 15" height x 17" width x 4" depth

Giant - 17" height x 18" width x 5" depth

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