Its a sin

If you haven't watched this yet, you are certainly late to the party! This Drama series follows a group of young people growing up in the 80s during the height of the AIDs crisis. Totes emosh... so make sure you have tissues to hand! 

Call me by your name 

Timothe Chalemet plays a love stricken teen who falls for an older student on a summer away in Rome. Steamy in places and sweet in others the pair share an unforgettable summer together, 


Based on the true story of a group of London based lesbian and gay activists supporting the miners strike in Wales in 1984 Thatcher Britain.  

Dallas Buyers Club 

Mathew McConaughey plays an AIDS sufferer in the 1980s who hustles the medical system to get medication for other patients. 


Groundbreaking series about the underground ballroom culture in the 1980s in New York during the height of the AIDS epidemic. 

Paris Is Burning 

A documentary shot in the 1980s about the ball culture in New York. The documentary has been the inspiration for the infamous Ru Paul’s drag Race show format. 


Set in the glamorous 1950s, two women from different backgrounds find themselves in a love affair that needs to be kept secret. 


Disney+ brings a docu series showcasing 6 different LBGTQ+ directors exploring historic events in the USA from 1950 onwards. 

Before stonewall: the making of a gay and lesbian community 

This Emmy award documentary tells the dramatic stories of gay communties throughout the 20th Century. 

Priscilla queen of the dessert

Flamboyant showgirls road trip for the show of their lifetimes, and come to problems with their bus Priscilla.

June 16, 2021 — Carla Chittenden

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