Festivals are back baby!! And we love to share the love with our fellow festival brands so here are 8 festi brands we think you will love, if you don’t already follow them!

Disco Kitten

A Disco KItten Bra will make any outfit really stand out. They are a fabulous way to flaunt what your mother gave you in a sparkly and fluffy, fairy fantasy way. 


Australian designer, Rachel Burke, makes the most amazing out of this world hand made custom pieces, which are the prefect accompaniment to any festival wardrobe!!!

Nixi Killick

Another Aussie designer, NXK designs outfits that will fill all of your bondage, cyber party dreams.

Rosa Bloom

Did someone say “Sequins baby!!!” Rosa Bloom’s gorgeous sequin creations are made with each sequin hand stitched by the amazing seamstresses she uses in Bali. 

G_irl In Real Life

Festi outfits for the rainbow lover, G_irl in real life has your bright, colorful clothing covered! 

Freedom Rave Wear

This American company has the Coachella rave kini down! They also have sustainable values and offer a lifetime guarantee! 


Where sequins and faux fur come to make love! Each bold statement piece is made by hand. 


This Berlin based brand is perfect for the punk festi fans out there, with a more goth vibe with darker tones than most festival brands.

August 10, 2021 — Carla Chittenden

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