Louise was extremely lucky to spend a couple of months in Belize at the beginning of the year, working at the Umaya Village. Louise was part of the founding group to trial remote working for the village, and it meant that she had a beautiful backdrop surrounding her. 

(Körpermitose sleeveless crop top with flares, Forest of Dreams sequin festival robe and petrol tassel belt)


The jungle, the beach and an empty swimming pool - perfect locations for free! Who could resist a cheeky photoshoot or two?

(Tribal Tales sleeveless crop top and lounge trousers)


Packing a case full of L.O.M pieces, Louise had plenty of pieces to hand to capture against this paradise backdrop. 

(Vendala off the shoulder crop top with hot pants and sleeveless crop top with cycling shorts)


A little bit of soft encouragement and her new fellow remote working colleagues were more than happy to get snapped in the sunshine. 

(Forest Of Dreams robe and lounge trousers)


The bold colourful prints all stood out amazingly against the green jungle. 

(Folklorico sleeveless crop top with hot pants)


The sun in the UK right now has started to waiver, so reminiscing about this idyllic location only seemed right!

August 09, 2021 — Carla Chittenden

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