Check out this fabulous shoot styled by the super creative and always fun Cara McDaniel. Her innovative, amusing and utterly stunning style features pieces from the Femina Magicae collection! 


Feast your eyes on this...

This shoot stemmed from Cara’s love of colour and shape, and was published in both Picton Magazine and Shuba Magazine. The mood was fun, creativity, childlike innocence and a sprinkling of Alice in Wonderland, with subtle references to the Red Queen and falling down the rabbit hole into a world full of fun. 
All the makeup used was cruelty-free, so the white rabbit would be pleased to hear that! The styling, in addition to using L.O.M pieces, was supplemented with pieces from Cara’s own wardrobe and Pre-Loved of Brighton. 
L.O.M Have recently relaunched the slinky dress in our lycra fabric (the material before was much thinner) And is the perfect Maxi dress for Autumn parties!
Shoot Credits: 
September 11, 2020 — Louise O'Mahony

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