Some will be obvious, some will be added to your MUST BRING list every year after this - Everyone has their own personal 'festival essentials' list, but as a seasoned festival goer who has tried and tested festivals in a variety of terrain for work and pleasure, I wanted to share mine with you, and the reasons why.
I also tried to keep it as independent as possible, so you can find unique treasures to take with you, whilst supporting indie businesses.

festival essentials


Number one essential! You already know this of course, but having your hands free at a festival is super important, you need them for a million other things than holding bags, and they are the best way to not lose all your stuff whilst you are losing your mind! Beksie's boutique do the best bum bags in the world - this isn't an exaggeration - and despite the fact that me and Bex used to live and work together, this also isn't biased - just look at them! And you can see how well they go with your L.O.M. Each one is hand made to order, and there is often a waiting list for these bag boys, so make sure you get in there with plenty of time!
(I am about to have my 9th one of these made for this summers shenanigans!) bum bag


Not enough people take care of their hearing at festivals. You are surrounded by hella noise all day and night - PROTECT YOUR EARS! But don't just grab some of those foam sponges to shove in, you are here to enjoy the music, right? Get a decent pair that keep the sound quality high whilst keeping your hearing safe, I found these colourful ones at GAK, and they are perfect because they come with a carry case AND neck cord - Ideal, so they are not rolling round the bottom of your bumbag with tobacco dust and bits of grass, sand and glitter. (yes I'm speaking from experience)

GAK earplugs  
Scarf Sarong

"Oh whats that lovely background you have used in this shoot Louise?" Why its one of our beautiful scarfs, thanks for asking! Festival wise these scarfs are great for giving you some extra warmth on your neck and chest at night, but also dressing up your outfit, you can make a headwrap, tie top, sarong dress. And as they are super lightweight they are also great for protecting your neck and shoulders from the sun. Eye Mask It is highly likely that you are going to have a hungover disco nap, or be up until the sunrise at least once right? Day snoozes are par for the course at a festival, but if the sun is shining it can make this difficult. An eye mask is a great thing to have for these moments - check out these cute handmade ones from Sarah Louise Hardwick, I love the cactus print, but she has so many different ones available, and with pom pom trim! So it will match your L.O.M if you pass out in your festival outfit!



If Glastonbury is anything to go by, even England will be having some festival scorchers this year, and a fan is a great way to keep cool. After seeing one too many girls get their hair tangled in those auto ones, I would say manual all the way, and there are some great designs out there to coordinate with your festival outfit, like this Rainbow one from Disco Leopard - they have a great selection over on their shop, and I just noticed they have a sale on, go check them out!


Although festival food has upped its game the last few years, the amount you are putting your body through with all the walking, dancing, lack of sleep, alcohol and everything else, you definitely need a vitamin top up, and when Berocca might not cut it, you need to try something like Sorted. It not only has a ton of vitamins, but also the magic 5-HTP to boost your serotonin levels and Guarana, a natural caffeine to keep you going.

sorted vitamins

Hip Flask

Lots of places will stop you from bringing your cans and bottles into the festival site, so pour a little something strong into a hip flask to top up your soft drinks and save a few quid. 

Water Bottle Holder

Hydration is key! But don't be one of those douche bags buying bottle after bottle of plastic water at a festival. Many of us are lucky enough to party in countries that have clean drinking water, get yourself a reusable water bottle and top up on site, and make yourself a bottle holder so you have it easy access and can just fling it over your shoulder whilst you dance. Its all about living that handsfree life! 
I posted a tutorial on how to make this one earlier this week, its is SUPER easy and fun. Why not make your own and show us your pics on Instagram!

water bottle  

Reusable cup

You will waste a hell of a lot less plastic if you bring your own cup. 


More popular with outdoor fanatics, it is the new festival goers best friend, back on that hands free life, use your carabiner to attach things to yourself, your drinks mug to your bumbag, your water bottle to your backpack or even your purse to your sleeping bag at night to avoid festival thieves.

Caribina and mug

Jelly Sandals

I have been sold on Jelly's for festival shoes since I started wearing them a couple of years ago. Hear me out - Main problems with shoes at festivals? They get dirty, you get sweaty feet, they get wet, they have no grip. If they get wet or muddy, they STAY wet and muddy. None of these things happen with Jelly shoes! You can stomp around all day and give them a rinse off at the end, and Sunjellies have a big range of colours that add to your festival outfit much better than that beat up pair of old trainers that do nothing for your lewk!

jelly sandals  

Battery Pack

Obvious but important, and Skinny Dip have some of the best decorated ones I have found.


I know you know this one, but how about some tinted glasses to add to your visuals? Spangled have a range of colourful lenses and frames, perfect for festival vibes, and a shade to match every outfit.

spangled sunglasses 

Well that is my list to share with you, and I'm hyped to have included so many small brands in it - what about you, are there any festival MUST HAVE's I have missed? Let us know on our Instagram post!

July 12, 2019 — Louise O'Mahony

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