This was the first shoot I did on my recent trip to LA, and like many times before, met the photographer Jessica Fee, and model Iyana through Instagram. Instagram may not be great for driving sales anymore, but it sure is awesome for creatives who want to connect and make magic together! 

lom pool shoot

I landed the night before, and went to this shoot the next day, we timed it to get some shots during the light and at sunset, which happened around 6pm - 3am my time. Apart from falling asleep once whilst holding the reflector, I managed to keep with it for the rest of the shoot! Totally vibing off Jess and Iyana, whose energy I just LOVED. Considering the three of us met just shortly before these pictures were taken, I think we clicked and created something great very fast... enjoy!

LOM pool shoot cactus

We used pieces from the new Körpermitose collection, scroll to the end of full list with links, and jewellery from Berlin based Tukadu, as well as perspex clothing from Claudia Pink, a pair of pink sequin hot pants from Rosa Bloom, and some sunglasses from Esqape.

LOM pool shoot sequin kimono



Silky Jumpsuit

Shoulder Capes

Sequin Kimono

Pink/Purple Flares

Pink/Purple Hooped Bra

Pink Fringe Cape

Leg Warmers/Boot Covers

Körpermitose Hot Pants

Körpermitose Fringe Crop



July 04, 2019 — Louise O'Mahony

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