At the start of the year I was living in Belize for 3 months, working with other remote workers helping set up a spot for digital nomads to come and work and live. Before the pool was finished I took the opportunity to do a shoot with some of the new pieces I had brought with me. On site there also happened to be an awesome videographer @spencerbellcreative and a bunch of digital nomads that were up for modelling for me!


The shoot features pieces from Part 1 (available now) and part 2 (coming in Autumn).

The retreat is called Umaya Village and is taking bookings for remote workers now!

Filmed on Location at Umaya Digital Nomad Village.



  • Yauheni Bolt
  • Calla Jefferies
  • Evelyn Novick
  • Beth Lishmund
  • Gabrielle Kouchacji
  • Sarah Tripp
  • Lisa Tassiello
  • Ben Ellison


  • Man & Wife
  • Djuna
June 30, 2021 — Carla Chittenden

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