Our Vendala print matches the backdrop of the Belize Jungle perfectly. The colourful prints on beautiful people with gorgeous tanned skin makes for some super sexy images! 

One of our most popular prints, Vendala was created with the inspiration of Tibetan Landscapes and far away worlds, it is the perfect print for us still experiencing travel envy whilst UK lock down restrictions continue. 

Pairing the sleeveless crop top and cycling shorts is a classic combo, and they look so cool together. The cycling shorts are great for those who might not be confident to go full cheeky and sport our hot pants. 

Combining the off shoulder crop top and hot pants makes for a super cute look. The frill on the top takes the outfit away from swimwear and really stands out. 

A pure 70s vibe with our robe and flares will look hot on anyone!!! It also shows that our styles aren’t just for women, most of our designs are unisex!!! 

The off shoulder bodysuit needs no introduction, and we think here against the green backdrop it looks amazing!!! 

You can see the full Vendala collection here

June 28, 2021 — Carla Chittenden

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