Scarves are a great way to wear a work of art in your outfit that you might otherwise feel a bit too 'much' if it was a full dress or coat, or it is a way to add even more colour to an already flamboyant outfit.

It might not be what we are known for, but we have at least one scarf design in each of our collections, it is the perfect way to display the print design, and a beautiful alternative for those who don't necessarily want to wear lycra pieces.
We have headscarves and full size scarfs - and you can choose to go with or without tassels.

They are one of the most versatile accessories too - not only to be worn draped around your neck, but to hide a bad hair day or dress up a bag - and keep you warm of course! We asked our favourite stylist Twinks Burnett to show us her favourite ways to wear L.O.M scarves, and she has put together this post to inspire and delight you - you can also click on the images to be taken to the scarf featured in that image!

Twinks burnett LOM Scarfs


"Winter is upon us my darlings, which means layers! I know what you're thinking… functional and practical fashion! Pieces to keep us warm and the cold at bay during the colder seasons. 

Doesn’t sound much fun does it? Personally I’m not the biggest fan of this season, even as a fashion stylist I find layers can be a daunting style task and I know many of my clients turn to me at this time of year pleading for tips to keep warm yet sassy. 

ENTER SCARVES!! A multi faceted, totally fascinating, fashion accessories!

If you don’t quite feel like you can adorn your glorious body in all the L.O.M prints ala sun drenched festival fields! The scarfs from L.O.M can inject a turbo boosted colour hit right in the style jugular, I promise a little bit of these will chase those winter blues away! 

Heres how I wear mine!!! 


-I am a huge fan of a turnt- up turban! It gives me those retro va va voooom vibes (side note: Also absolutely fabulous for bad hair days but gives you extra glam points when your feeling more goblin than glamazon!) I tie mine in half, twist at the front, twist again and the fold and tuck in at the back. It might take a few go’s but you will get the hang of it I promise, cirby grips work for first timers. Also as the scarfs are a poly/silk blend meaning that they care for your hair while wearing them!! (Im looking at you fellow coloured hair enthusiasts!! Wearing a silk turban or scarf is like a beautiful hug for your hair!)

 Twinks burnett LOM Scarfs

Twinks burnett LOM Scarfs pink and blue


-Did someone say cummerbund?! Fun to say and fun to wear! It's like a sash for your waist. Super cute low maintenance to break up your look, sinch your waist and add a pop of colour. You can tie a bow at the back or leave loose for a more causal look.

 Twinks burnett LOM Scarfs orange trousers

Twinks burnett LOM Scarfs belt


-PUSSY BOW, you can wear tied in a bow at your neck and channel your inner Miss money penny meets Pussy (bow) Galore and wear your scarf like a dame 

Twinks burnett LOM Scarfs Green dress

-You can smoulder in some ‘I'm with the band’ 1970’s rock star realness, and just let it all hang out. 

Twinks burnett LOM Scarfs rock star

-I also wear mine like a tie, tucked into my high waisted trousers, giving me that business realness look!

Twinks burnett LOM Scarves tie

-you can sling over one shoulder and fasten with a pin, for a more ethereal and elegant look.

 Twinks burnett LOM Scarfs Blue

Twinks burnett LOM Scarfs blue

Drape, tie, fasten, knot, adorn yourself! PLAYYY!



-Subtle yet effective adornments darling. Sling it over a bag handle, tie it onto a tote. Lux up your luggage. We all have baggage baby! 



-There are so many way to this work! Perfect if your having a bad hair day or what to give some zig a zig ahhhh to a look!

 Twinks burnett LOM Scarfs hat

 -tied in a bow at the front will, give you some 1950’s siren sass, build a beehive and let the scarf do the rest. 

Twinks burnett LOM Scarfs bow

- Tie the bow at the nape of your neck and let it all hang loose, while your tresses are in a delicious up too. Perfect for occasions!'

Twinks burnett LOM Scarfs beehive hair


Thank you Twinks! I'm sure you all can't wait to try out some of these fab ideas! You can find our full selection of scarfs and headscarfs here!


Photographer India Jaggon

December 10, 2019 — Louise O'Mahony
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