So part one of this was less about Solex (Sol and Alex's of The Provibers wedding) and more about the customisation of Alex's vintage wedding dress, with some details about the ceremony. This post continues on from that, more of a personal party story really. Why am I sharing it if it doesn't have anything to do with L.O.M? Well because it is a hugely inspiring party, that I think lots of L.O.M lovers will enjoy and maybe take some inspo into their own colourful lives! But of course, this is a fabulous event, so there will be some L.O.M involved...


The wedding itself was a three day festival extravaganza, filled with an eclectic mix of the best humans. 250 Entertainers, artists, festival crew, resplendent relations and fabulous friends. I shared the whole thing on my personal and business Instagram account and it caught the eye of the fabulous Kat from Rock n Roll bride, who featured the whole thing on her blog, so you can go and check out that version too.


We arrived on Friday as the sun set, pitched our tents and then headed to a beautiful canopy tent, decorated with flowers and fairy lights, hay bales and rugs, where lots of friends had already arrived and were enjoying a yummy vegan curry. We were then treated to some wonderful entertainment in the form of the Embers collective, storytelling that brought both tears and belly laughs before retiring to our own canvas canopies ready for the big day on Saturday.


In the morning wedding guests in the field started to get dressed in their finery from the comfort of their tents! Many of us festival goers are quite used to this situation, though it was quite entertaining to see people emerge from pop up Vango tents in three piece suits!

The dress code was brilliant:


Whatever you wear, be the best version of yourself. Pull the stops out! If you choose to wear a suit, wear it with style. If you want to wear head to toe sequins, go for it! Colour is definitely encouraged. That item in your wardrobe that you've always considered 'too much' for the occasion... now is your time to own it!”


Oh I do love an opportunity to dress up, and so does the rest of this congregation course! Never have I seen a collection of more fabulously dressed people in my life. Floor length gowns, sequin embellished jackets, pink shellac nails - and that was just the guys! Here is a collection of a few of my fave outfits from the day, snapped by Maximilian Webster, but it really is just the tip of the iceberg of the amazing outfits that were on show!

 SolexWedding outfits 

LOM Fashion 

I wore a couple of couture pieces from our older collections, the pink embellished dress from Monsters Garden Party, and Sequin Embellished Cape from Vendala. My partner Paul wore a pink suit that I customised for him, he picked the Vintage shirt and borrowed the gold belt from Twinks!

Twinks Burnett Hannah Wolf and Moon Louise LOM Fashion

(Left to right) Hannah is wearing a dress from Coast, and she created a matching headband at her label Wolf and Moon. Twinks is wearing a custom dress from my other brand Oh My Honey, and she also created a matching headdress from her brand.

The ceremony was filled with contributions from family and friends, songs, poems and words of love. Our wonderful friend Lonan also became a celebrant, inspired by his friends, in time for this day, and held one of the most beautiful ceremonies. But even he wasn’t able to hold back the tears! Afterwards, we all enjoyed some fizz, and a collective banquet. The bride and groom asked us to bring a dish instead of presents. We had a wonderful afternoon surrounded by glitter and love and magic and as the evening got close, we all headed back to our tents for outfit changes for the evening party! The sun set into a purple and orange sky and we headed indoors for more merriment and entertainment!


The bride and groom entered the party when we were all warmed up, to rambunctious applause, in their custom made L.O.M party outfits! It was Alex's idea for me to take our Femina Magicae print and change it to a white background for her evening outfit. I then added extra long metallic gold fringe. Once Sol heard of this idea he wanted in too, so I created him a custom catsuit - and how ace do they look together!



We danced ourselves silly into the early hours, in the barn covered with glittering foil curtains and then into the Milking Parlour - a space once filled with probably quite a lot of trauma and cow shit, now an incredibly beautiful space with milk vats filled with fibre optic lights and red walls adorned with random pictures and decorations, mismatched sofas and a dancefloor, with light up love hearts and through the middle of the room the worlds biggest cuddle puddle location, filled with cushions and mattresses for the early hour snuggles. (Big up to Bromwich Park for the incredible venue!!)

Of course these two knew how to throw a party!


Wedding Photos: Danny North and Jenna Foxton

Evening photos: Florence and Charles

November 05, 2019 — Louise O'Mahony

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