It is finally here - the L.O.M Curve range!

We are thrilled to have finally been able to bring our clothes to even more L.O.M Lovers with the new addition of our Curve sizes. Previously our sizing went up to a 16, but our new range takes 70 of our bestselling pieces up to a size UK26/2XL, showcasing fringe playsuits, crop tops, hot pants , jumpsuits, flares and leggings. These additions have been made to fit and flatter without compromising on comfort - it is just our bestsellers, available in a wider size range. The style is the same, the price is the same, the values and ethics are the same - it’s L.O.M.

Our lycra pieces are comfortable in all sizes, made with the highest quality material available, it lifts, smoothes and effortlessly hugs your body, making you feel amazing and ready to party!

But it’s not only our lycra pieces that feature in the range, couture pieces like our
lavender pleated skirt and pom pom crop top, and our kaftan dress and gold catsuit are also added to the selection.


Why now?

 Little known fact is that when L.O.M first started, we had sizes S - XL, but sales were so low on XL, yet we were getting weekly messages to introduce size XS, so we switched up our sizing to XS - L. As a small independent business, it didn’t make sense for us to have a bigger size range available to shop online if nobody was buying them - until now…


Until the recent, much needed, explosion in representation in fashion there were certain myths, which centred around "covering up," that dictated what clothing was available for larger bodies (mostly because magazines said so). Thankfully the idea that the majority of ‘plus size’ customers won’t buy bold colours, bright prints or tight clothes is now woefully outdated.


In the last few years there has been a massive switch in the visibility of different shapes and sizes on the catwalk and the high street, bigger brands started offering a wider range of clothing styles and shapes that work for all figures. The availability of a better range of clothes meant that people could start to style outfits the way they wanted to, not the way shops limited them to.


We saw Instagram really take off as an influencer platform bringing more diverse voices to the table and changing the way we view fashion. No longer are people following the trends set by the fashion royalty, we can now follow real people who aren’t afraid to express themselves - and gone are the days when “Plus Size” fashion meant covering your whole body in a shapeless sack.


There is space to play, experiment and express more so than ever before, and with body-positive influencers and celebrities unapologetically taking over the media in outrageous and bold outfits it inspires millions of others to not feel like they have to hide themselves away under ill fitting shapes and drab colours.



Visibility and Representation

Even though Large is currently the size we sell the least of, I believe this is due to lack of representation on our social media and websites, something we always strive to improve! However, professional photoshoots can be incredibly expensive, and we actually prefer to use images that our fans and followers tag us in, because they are more ‘real’. Unfortunately without many images of bigger sizes available to share, people can’t see what our pieces would look like on their figures, so they don’t buy them and thus a cycle of no content continues to run!

We worked hard and invested in our curve shoot, and it was hands down one of the best shoots I think we have done - so I really hope this imagery helps more people to be able to visualise themselves in L.O.M. and join our gang of rainbow warriors!

You can shop the new pieces by going to the CURVE collection. All garments in this section are available in plus size (or 'One Size' that fits up to a 26)

Find your size with our size guide.

View the full shoot on our Shoppable Pinterest board

Shoot Credits

Photographer: Montana Lowery

Stylist: Twinks Burnett

MUA: Lara Himplemann

Hair: Ruth Lily





February 02, 2020 — Louise O'Mahony

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