Take A wonderful Art Director, Magical Digital Artist, Dreamy Pop Duo,
Throw Some L.O.M Into The Mix, and

We make Magic!

LOM FASHION Lavender pleated skirt magical kismit
Back in November when I was in LA, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with pop Duo Kismit, and Photography Duo Danica Kennedy and Alena Mealy (together they are DANICAXALENA) Singer Carly was already a customer of L.O.M, and saw I was heading to LA and got in touch to ask if I would be interested in styling a shoot and working with the group. 

We shot in the fabulous Graceland Inn, a beautiful home you would dream to shoot in, let alone visit! Each room was decorated fabulously and although you might think L.O.M's style might clash with the decor, the whole thing worked so magically together, as you can see in the images!
LOM Fashion kismit
LOM FASHION Kismit sofa
LOM Fashion Kismit playsuit
LOM kistmit kick
LOM Kismit kimono
LOM Fashion Kismit fringe
LOM Kismit two piece
LOM Fashion Kismit cape
I was vibing off Carly's wonderful energy all morning, enjoying her increasing enthusiasm over each outfit, and how she danced around in the pieces whilst Danica and Alena directed and captured some fantastic images. 
The connection between Carly and partner Baz was both electric and harmonious, which comes across in the images and their music, go check it out, I have had No Turning Back stuck in my head all week!
April 17, 2019 — Louise O'Mahony

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