Fitted Face Mask

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By L.O.M


Masks are the new norm for 2021 - Wearing a face covering is mandatory in many places around the world for travelling on public transport and going into shops, we might as well make them look fabulous and part of our outfits!


• Hand made face shaped mask with centre seam

• Double elastic strap to hold behind head and neck

• Made with high quality tightly woven matte cotton sateen

• Lined with Cotton

• Protect your lungs from dust at desert festivals

• Protect yourself from wet airborne germs

• Prevents you from touching your mouth and nose whilst travelling - the most common way for the flu virus to enter your body.

• Looks way better than a surgical mask!

• Washable at 40 degrees

• For hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns or exchanges on these masks.

* We are selling these masks during a virus spread because people want to wear masks during the outbreak. Standard masks like this one stop you from touching your face, avoiding getting germs directly into your mouth and nose. Medical grade face masks are needed when you are in regular contact with someone with the virus.
These masks are not medical grade.
The best way to prevent a virus spreading is to wash your hands regularly, especially after using public transport or being at large gatherings, and disinfect objects and surfaces at your home and work place regularly.


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