Intergalactic Rodeo Star Studded Boot Covers

By L.O.M


Buckle up for our Intergalactic Rodeo collection: iridescent tones ride alongside our new rodeo inspired pieces, including chaps, diamante lined neckerchiefs and fan holsters amongst the new additions. There is more decorative fringe than you can shake your spurs at, and an array of quite literally - star studded pieces - to beam you up to the cosmos!

Boot scootin' boot covers!

Need to look Rodeo in a rush? Tatty festival trainers bringing down your whole festival look? Then you need some intergalactically fabulous boot covers to elevate your look!

  • Denim Cotton cosmic chaos print,
  • Metallic pink hem with star studs
  • Elasticated top with dangly silver stars at the top
  • All the barbie cowboy vibes!
  • Sizing: can sit above or below the knee - graded by circumference, all the same length
  • Handmade in the UK by our Brighton Team - you are supporting fair wages and safe working conditions
  • Please allow 1-5 days for your piece to be made

Please avoid over ordering - buying things in 2 sizes to try, or just buying lots of things with the intention of returning some of them - because every piece will be made to order, and this will prevent other people being able to order what they want in their size.