Repair and Care

By L.O.M

Reapir Tier

Need some stitches repaired? Maybe a hem taking up? Or you want a whole fresh new fringe on your bodysuit? We now have an option for you to do that with L.O.M!

We want you to have the longest life possible with your L.O.M pieces, we know that a lot of people buy our garments to run around fields and have the best most carefree times in, so we make our pieces to last, with double stitched underarms and crotch seams so that you can literally cartwheel without caring, reinforced stitching around necklines and hems, and our fabrics are of the highest quality to maintain retention and resist rips and wearing down.

However, we know accidents can happen when you are having fun, and we don't want you to stop wearing a pieces because of some broken threads or a damaged row of pom poms.

If you would like us to repair or update your pieces, simply add one of the tiers to your cart, then when the item is in your basket (not at the checkout) there is a link to add instructions to seller - here you can put details of what you would like us to do to the garment.
Then send your piece back to us (clean, please!) to the address below. Make sure to put your order number in the package. We will then fix your item and return to the address on your order!

Home Werks
73 Holland Road
Brighton and Hove

Options: There are 4 tiers, with different pricing:

Tier 1 • £5
Go over broken stitching 
Fix holes in seams

Tier 2 • £7
Make hem of trousers or dress shorter (please let us know the new length you would like)

Tier 3 • £12 
Replace Fringe or Pom Poms with new ones (colour options below)
Fix holes in fabric

Tier 4 £18
Replace or remove Pom Poms in Leggings (colour options below)


Pricing: Is based on how long it will take us to fix, and if it requires and materials (eg, new fringe)

Postage: We understand that actually a big cost of this is sending the items to and from this. Unfortunately the high postage costs are out of our control, and we only charge what we pay to send them. If you live locally we are happy for you to drop them at our studio in Brighton, but please be aware this is just a drop off option, we do not offer a fitting service.

Fringe Colours:

Neon green, neon orange, neon yellow, neon pink, baby pink, pink, black, purple

Pom Pom Colours:

Red, pink, orange, lime, lavender, black, turquoise, yellow, rainbow, purple


If you have any questions about this service, please email