I love Lycra.

At first I hated it - but now I love it.

My training was in costume design and textiles; I could make a steel boned corset for a full historically correct costume from the 1900's, a winged circus outfit with a giant headpiece, but a pair of leggings? Na, that terrified me!

I don't know what it was, fear of the unknown I guess, but once I made my first pair and a matching fringed crop top - I was sold. 

There are SO many reasons why Lycra is awesome and I did a little IGTV for it last week, you can watch the 5 min vid here, or scroll down for some quick points!


Obvious but important. You want to be able to go on the rampage and not worry about ripping open your crotch! Well no worries, not only is our lycra strong, we also double stitch our gussets :) It is comfortable, malleable, and moves with your body, which is why everyone from aerial performers and yoga instructors to festival goers and party ravers love it!


Remember that pair of leggings you bought from the high street that you wore 5 times before realising you could see your knickers through them, or that crop top you bought that stretched to reveal the white base fabric underneath? That ain't us.
We use the highest quality lycra we could find, and our printers are one of the best in England. The print goes through to the other side of the fabric, it doesn't go white, and it stretches a lot without distortion.


But you want to wear it in a muddy field in England, or a dirty nightclub in Berlin? Those flares dragging on the floor are gonna get trashed! You can machine wash our pieces! Just do it on a low heat (30 is fine) turn them inside out to preserve colour, and don't wash with any dark colours.

Pack light

As you can see in the vid, I managed to fit 10 pieces inside a shoebox. So whether you are going on holiday or packing for a festival, if you have lycra outfits you can fit so much more in. 

Keeps you warm, keeps you cool

Lycra is frequently used as a base layer by sports people, and who says raving til 5 in the morning isn't a sport?? At a festival wear it during the day, and you can easily add another layer on top as temperate drops at night, you can whip them off and still have a fabulous outfit on underneath if you hit the dancefield again!

Dries Quicky

Whether it is torrential rain or sweat cascades you are dealing with, lycra will dry quickly without smelling weird (unless you smell weird already!) Would you rather have a damp pair of jeans piled in the corner of their tent for three days or a pack of quick drying, pack small leggings?


Its lycra - its swimwear fabric! Yes, you can swim in our pieces! Maybe swimming in flares would be a bit annoying, but the hot pants and sleeveless crop are ideal! Off to a fabulous pool party? what about a fringed playsuit or a pom pom playsuit? The neon fringes are all safe for pool and ocean, and so are our pom poms - apart from the rainbow ones - so dive in!

It is worth noting that Lycra is a man made product, and is harder to breakdown than cotton, (also worth noting that ONE cotton T-Shirt uses 2,500 gallons of water to be made!) We do not make these things to be worn once or twice and then to be thrown away. These are high end festival garms, made by hand, with high quality materials, made to be worn and loved. They are special! We are not part of the fast fashion industry and we encourage you to not be either.

"Buy less, choose well, and make it last"


June 27, 2019 — Louise O'Mahony

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